Yurt Sukha Texel | House | Den Burg

From 1 April until the end of October, you can stay in our Yurt at the edge of Nature reserve De Hogeberg. Our Yurt is a Mongolian nomad tent, hand made by Piet Laan.The round shape offers a homey feeling. Many people experience a feeling of peace and quiet. The yurt is 8 meters wide.  The yurt has a wood burner and is warm and comfortable. You can cook in the yurt but you can also have a meal with us. We prepare a vegetarian, biological meal.The modern private bathroom is located next to the yurt.Sukha means, literally translated from Sanskrit, good space. This is what the place at the edge of the nature reserve De Hogeberg is. A good space to relax but also for yoga, ayurveda, mediation and workshops.

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