De Kievit 3 | Group accommodation | De Cocksdorp

Hotel De Kievit is perfectely suited for families, groups and schoolclasses up to 70 persons. It is peacefully situated in the north of Texel. Close to de Slufter , the airport and the wed-lands.The hotel has several rooms suitable for two to four people, including bathroom equipment, also large rooms for four, eight and ten people including bathroom equipment. Prices are including breakfast , excluding touristtax.We have special rates for schools. They don’t have to pay touristtax.Grouparrangements monday/friday for 12 untill 19 years old, including leaders.20-35 persons,1 day 36 euro’s, 2 days: 31 euro’s, 3 days:27 euro’s, 4 days: 25 euro’s.36-60 persons,1 day:35 euro’s, 2 days: 30 euro’s, 3 days: 26 euro’s, 4 days: 24 euro’s.*Prices are per person, per day. * Sleeping arrangements on several dormitories. * Valid in the low season. *Leaders a double room, ( 1 every 20 pupils )* Full board ( breakfast, lunch, three course meal ).Tel. 0031-222-311466.

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