Bloem en Bos 1 | Group accommodation | Den Burg

GROUP ACCOMMODATION BLOEM EN BOS 1Bloem en Bos is with 36 beds, the largest group accommodation.The sleeping accommodation consists of- 2 dormitories with bunk beds- 2 bedrooms with single bedsA cozy lounge is a spacious sitting area, TV with DVD player and lots of games. On the outside area you can relax; Football, table tennis, barbecue area or in the evening a lovely campfire in our fire pit.The group self-catering accommodation and the professional kitchen you can easily take care of your guests. Do you look for something more luxury We can arrange breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.Are you with a larger group than 36 people? No problem! We can easily connect Bloem and Bos 2 and then we have 52 beds.

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