2p.L.Wellnesskamer Jac./Sauna | Hotel | De Koog

The spacious deluxe wellness room is equipped over a double bed, a sitting area, LCD television, alarm clock, coffee and tea facilities, fridge and a terrace. The luxury bathroom has floor heating, jacuzzi for 2 persons, sauna with light therapy and cd-player, toilet, handbasin, and a sunshower. The sunshower is a standing solar panel in the wall, which makes you brown during a shower.The VVV bookingprice is for 2 persons, extra persons will be charched in the Hotel;Kids from 0-3 year ? 10,00 per night incl. breakfastbuffet.Kids from 4-7 year ? 37,50 per night incl. breakfastbuffet.Kids and adults from 8 years and older ? 45,00 per night incl. breakfastbuffet.

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