Hoeve Consensus Texel | House | Den Burg

Holiday home on TexelCelebrating your holiday on Texel? You have come to the right place! At the farm, surrounded by meadows, horses and other animals. Outside the village Den Burg where you can enjoy the shops and terraces.You can bring your dog and enjoy endless walks through the  forest and on the beach. The house has a private, fenced off garden, so the dogs can run freely. If you want to bring several dogs, that is no problem! The living room has an open plan kitchen and there are two bedrooms and a bath room. You can also rent 2 bicycles from us.Bed linen, towels and kitchen towels are included.The house has free wifi, a large television, a good shower and heating. You can park next to your garden.We have pension stables with many possibilities within reach of forest and beach. If you want to bring your horse, please inquire  at the owner.

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